2048 Undertale


About 2048 Undertale game

2048 Undertale is a simple game and very similar to how the 2048 gameplay works. Here, instead of the numbers, you will find the characters from the Undertale video game in the 4X4 tiles grid. You have to swipe match the similar characters by swiping and create the character that is assigned double points of its predecessor.

There is the small child in the beginning and then as you go higher, bigger monsters appear. Different creators have their version of the game and the characters do not appear in the same order in these different versions. Also, some of them have the option to undo your move.

About Undertale Game

Undertale is a role-playing video game developed by Toby Fox in September 2015. This is a combat game where the player comes across monsters that live underground that were banished from the earth after an ancient war between humans and monsters. The magical barrier separates the two spaces i.e. the land and the underground.

The child you will be roleplaying is stuck underground and can only get out after fighting the monsters in the way. In the journey, you will be exploring a lot of places and solving some puzzles as well. The journey ends after you defeat all the monsters in the combat, solve the puzzles and come out from the gap in the magical barrier at a place in Mt. Ebott.

2048 Undertale game is especially for Undertale lovers! The playing controls and instructions are the same as any other variant of the 2048 game. Use arrow keys for desktop and swipe on smartphones and tablets to move the tiles.